After Scoobynatural Hill Valley is Due for a Haunting

After Scoobynatural Hill Valley is Due for a Haunting

Supernatural’s Scoobynautural was their funniest episode to date and at 280 episodes and counting, that’s saying something. The ambitious crossover episode clocked in 2 million viewers and dominated the TV social media of the night. 

I’ve never laughed so hard watching supernatural. Don’t get me wrong, Scoobynatural had a few serious parts too. Like Sam & Dean arguing about if they should tell the Scooby gang monsters are real, and it was neat to see cartoons getting injuries. If they reboot Scooby-Doo due to this, then the gang should mention Sam & Dean from time to time in future episodes. It’s only fair. 😉 Also now Supernatural can live forever on in Cartoon form for decades to come.

Car chase scene

As unlikely it is that these two shows should crossover, the plots are not entirely dissimilar from each other. They do the same thing. Hunt monsters. So that leaves the Supernatural Universe open to other even more ambitious feats of Hollywood mash-ups. I have talked about how much I would like to see Fox Mulder show up in an episode but that car chase was a HUGE Back to the Future reference. The scene in which the Impala races the Mystery Machine Van was pretty much like the one in Back to the Future where Marty races Needles. Dean is Needles! Fred is Marty. So that’s my guess for next silly crossover episode.

Come on, this town is ripe for a haunting.

Perhaps in the 300th episode for next season they could find a real Hill Valley somewhere that’s modeled to look exactly like the one in the Back to the Future movies. Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd could even guest star. After all, it’s not like Supernatural hasn’t had many Back to the Future references before. It’s pretty much the only way Dean understands time travel and the town of Hill Valley itself is pretty much exactly like any other small town Sam & Dean have visited over the years. It’s about time it had a haunting. This wouldn’t even be that much harder than any of the other sillier episodes that they did.