81 Million! Most Watched Debate in History

81 Million! Most Watched Debate in History

Clocking in at 81 Million viewers the 2016 Presidential Debate crushes the threshold it had to beat the most watched debate in history, yet it fell short from the Superbowl numbers.

Ratings weren’t the only thing it might have been short on. Americans tuning in to hear Trump VS Clinton for the first time, might have wanted to hear a bit of substance, but as Trump went after Hillary for having done nothing in thirty years of service, she said he lived in his own reality and shouldn’t be trusted with the Nuclear codes.

While Clinton looked, calm, cool, collective, and Presidential. Trump himself, actually looked sick, his sniffling didn’t help. At times it was clear Trump was holding back. Maybe on purpose as he claims, but he wasn’t prepared for Clinton’s traps. He took the bait on all her attack lines, and as she pressed him on all the regular talking points, he soon went off into tangents that made absolutely no sense. Like when he bragged about not paying taxes or when he mentioned Rosie O’Donnell and promoted Sean Hannity.

This is not to say, that Clinton didn’t have her less than substantive moments, either. She clearly wanted people to buy her book, instead of answering questions about both TPP and what exactly her economic plan is or how exactly she is going to get inner city youth unemployment up. Trump had her there when he said the Democrats take the black vote and run.

But Trump fizzled out in the first thirty minutes and started to answer questions that he obviously didn’t know the answer to. This is what happens when you don’t prepare! Clinton said she studied not just for the debate, but for the Presidency, and it’s clear she’s been preparing for this moment for her entire life! This debate outlined the stark differences between the candidate’s style and preparedness.

With near image reversals Trump got defensive very early on as Hillary laid on the attacks. I expected the complete opposite from Trump. Then, shocking the media they found Trump chilling in the spin room all by himself, with Sean Hannity to defend his shaky record on the Iraq War. Now Presidential Nominees don’t usually do this and for a good hour afterwards, Trump even went to each cable news channel to brag about how well he thought he did despite the “faulty microphone,” which he blamed for the sniffles.

There were no sniffles from the Hillary Camp as she said declared victory and dropped the Trump-like statement, “I had a great, great time,” though shrugging off allegations that Trump might not do any more debates according to Trump adviser Rudy Giuliani.

There was a bit more fighting than I thought, but Trump was laid back and then got defensive. Hillary clearly won. No, Online polls, like this one saying Trump won, doesn’t count.